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Christine, MAOM

Christine is the Operations Manager at Jai Li. She currently holds a Graduate Degree in Organizational Management. Prior to joining the staff, Christine worked in the field of academia, as the Director of Finance and Student Services for a private university. Her philanthropic interests focus on one on one coaching of individuals to increase the quality of their lives. Christine parlays those skills from her broad and diverse background to create a setting at Jai Li, that is professional, authentically genuine with a high level of customer service.

Vanessa, Certified Medical Esthetician

Vanessa is an accomplished Certified Medical Esthetician with experience in Electrology and Laser Treatments.
Vanessa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. She then obtained a certification in Electrology Medicine from the Laseit Institute of Electrolysis Laser and Beauty in Orlando, Florida.

Vanessa has more than eight years of experience providing advanced skincare treatment and training to optimize results through complementary regimens at home. Vanessa has worked with a Plastic Surgeon for many years, obtaining a great deal of experience in the field of Aesthetic medicine. She is an expert esthetician who loves skincare and is determined to help her clients look and feel better. She is a self-developed professional, who constantly seeks new knowledge about new products, technologies, and techniques.

In addition to her role as a Certified Medical Esthetician, Vanessa is also very involved in her community. She dedicates part of her time to encouraging her community and invests time in spiritual health, family stability, and physical well-being.

Vanessa’s commitment is to transform lives through her services, training, and at-home mentoring.

Kenyetta, EFDA, Licensed Tattoo Artist, Specialized in Micro-Blading

Kenyetta’s introduction into the beauty industry began at a very young age. She has always had a passion for makeup and everything beauty and worked as a makeup artist for a local photographer. She later pursued a career in the field of dentistry, where she has worked as an EFDA (Certified Dental Assistant) and Insurance Coordinator for several years. Her continued passion for the beauty industry led her to Ja Dore Brow Academy, where she mastered various techniques for eyebrow building and construction using extreme natural hair flow, also known as microfeathering. As a beauty artist whose medium is the human body, continuing education is very important. She strives to keep pace with today’s ever-changing trends and endeavors to create the best experience for each client with brows that they’ll love for a lifetime. If you have tried every pencil, powder, pigment, gel, and stencil at the makeup counter and your brows are still sparse, try microblading with Kenyetta.

Denise, Medical Administration Assistant, CNA – license N. 153308, Certified Craniosacral

Denise earned her license in CNA in 2004 at the Professional Academy of Health in Kissimmee, specializing in Alzheimer’s disease. In 2017, she added CranioSacraltechniques as a treatment modality and continues to use it in her practice today. Denise is certified in CranioSacral techniques and is also a certified presenter for the Upledger Institute’s “Introduction of CranioSacral Therapy” workshops in the U.S. and Brazil. She has attended various speaking engagements for the Upledger Institute. Denise is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and focuses her expertise on adolescents, adults, and seniors.