Cranio & Massage Therapy

Cranio&Massage Health began as an idea in 2015 and became operational in 2016. Our goal is to combine the techniques of Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy to provide individuals with integrative scientific medicine which aides in the restoration of function in the body.
We are both trained professionals with many years in this area of Therapeutic Medicine and recognize the body as an interdependent whole. For individuals are looking for cost-effective treatment Cranio&Massage Health can provide a variety of techniques to facilitate an improved experience and quality of life.

Craniosacral Therapy

A treatment in alternative medicine that identifies and reduces perceived restrictions in movement of the dural’s health and in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid as a means of restoring well-being. A form of gentle manual manipulation used for diagnosis and for making corrections in a system made up of cerebrospinal fluid, cranial and dural membranes, cranial bones, and sacrum. Tension is supposed to be reduced and cranial rhythms normalized, leading to improvement in health.

Massage Therapy

Massage Services include but are not limited to:

CBD Massage

CBD massage is excellent to reduce pain, stress and sore muscles. Effective to decrease anxiety and calm inflammation.


Treatment to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy. It improves mood, reduces stress levels, depression and anxiety. Beware: one must be pregnant for at least 12 weeks.

Himalayan stone

The Himalayan stone is originally from Pakistan. It contains 84 minerals and helps to decrease tension, stress and anxiety. As electronics users, these electromagnetic field devices may destabilize our body, but Himalayan stones can restore the balance.

Jade Stones

Jade Stones, known for being lucky stones, are associated with the heart chakra, which provides healing, self-love, good health and life force energy.

Lumi Lumi

Hawaiian Massage with rocking, continues movements, providing the client with a sensation of “Hula-Hula Dancing”. The body can restore to its natural and normal behavior.

Warm Wax

Safe for massage, the type of soy wax is melted in a wax warmer until it becomes an oil. It promotes increase of circulation, opens the pores, hydrates the skin, and provides the client with deep relaxation.

Bamboo Canes

French technique. Bamboo canes are used to improve relaxation, increase blood circulation and promote detoxification.

Deep Tissue

Working more deeply on knots, rigid muscles and tension areas. Basically, it consists of breaking down enriched muscles to release tension in affected areas.


Acupressure therapeutic massage based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It works on channels (meridians) through the body. According to TCM, if a gate (channel) is closed, CHI (energy) in that area becomes deficient.


Balinese Massage originated in Bali, Indonesia. This massage is a combination of relaxing and smooth movements, always with a gentle touch, helping you feel calm and relaxed, reducing stress and providing a sense of well-being.


Amazing medicine treatment with many benefits: it influences muscles and the circulatory, nervous and digestive systems.