Skin Care

Jai Li offers a solution for all skin conditions that clients might seek treatment for: wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, large pores, stretch marks, wound healing stimulation, skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation. This technique involves the introduction of fine needles through the skin, to create micro-channels in the skin allowing the infusion of active ingredients (such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and others) to penetrate deeply and effectively into the dermis, nourishing the skin and stimulating the regrowth of collagen. A series of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended and the frequency will depend on the intensity and depth of the needle. It’s a facelift without surgery!

Rejuvenating Back Facial

Back facials are a skin treatment that is offered to all spa clients, including teens, men and women. The techniques used in a back facial are very similar to those applied in a regular facial treatment. A back treatment will help to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

IPL Photofacial Treatment

It is also referred to as Pulsed Light Therapy. This procedure involves using a portable device that produces flashes of light immediately when it touches your skin. The light penetrates the deeper layers of your skin, making it suitable for treating sun damage and ruptured capillaries.

Although the procedure seems quite simple, it is prudent to seek the services of an experienced certified medical laser professional to get the best results.

It will also help you to avoid any further complications.

Radiofrequency Treatment

Radiofrequency (RF) is a minimally invasive treatment that helps with a number of skin problems. RF is focused radiofrequency heat that travels deep into the skin without damaging the top layer. This treatment encourages collagen production which helps keep skin looking smoother, fresher, and more youthful.